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Do You Dream of Going to Dubai to Get a Job?

Many people go to Dubai on visit visa so they can look for work.​ If you’re going to Dubai on visit visa with the hope that you will find a job,  know that the competition in the United Arab Emirates

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Don’t Fall Prey to Loan Sharks

Warning: Don’t fall prey to loan sharks! Loan sharks are entities that charge very high interest rates but often tell you a small percentage rate, hiding the fact that the stated rate is a monthly interest rate and not the yearly

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What is the difference between a staffing agency and a recruitment company

A staffing company is one that provides staff to other companies, usually on temporary basis. A recruitment company only refers the employee to another company. A recruitment company may provide services like screening and interviewing job applicants, but its work

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The Importance of Professional Business Etiquette

The Importance of Professional Business Etiquette One thing I’ve noticed is that majority of employees don’t interact with clients / customers in a professional manner. This has a very bad impression on customers and makes it seem like one isn’t

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New Entrepreneurship Visa to UAE

From The National UAE: A new category of visa for entrepreneurs hoping to start a business in the UAE will be introduced. Noura Al Kaabi, the chief executive of twofour54, and a member of the Federal National Council, made the

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Are you looking for work but are unsuccessful

Here are a few tips that you can use to improve job search results: Have a professional CV prepared – Your CV should provide important information about your experience, education, and skills at a glance and shouldn’t require a lot

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So you are in Dubai, looking for work

So you’re in Dubai on visit, looking for work   Your visa is going to expire soon. You’re desperate to find work before that happens. You write in your cover letter the following statement “Currently in UAE on visit visa.

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