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Too many job seekers are taken advantage of and their situation exploited by companies whose only aim is to make money. Job seekers are given a substandard service that, instead of helping them get a job, hinders their job hunting progress and wastes precious time and money. We aim to put a stop to this by making available high quality CV writing and career services at affordable rates.

Founded by @KokabRahman, we specialize in CV writing, personalized CV distribution and employment consultation. CV writing service includes customized cover letter writing, increasing job seekers success chances. You can rely on us to get the best results and a personalized experience. Client success is our goal.

Top quality service is provided by highly reputable professionals who are experts in their fields. Each assignment is addressed individually after a thorough consultation with the client. When you hire our services, you can expect to receive the best service at affordable rates, provided on a timely basis.

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Employee Engagement and its Benefits to you as a Jobseeker

Employee engagement means that the employee cares about the organization. An engaged employee ties the company’s success to his / her own success. Thus, he/ she will “go the extra mile” to get the work done. Such an employee is likely to work overtime when the company’s success depends on it, do more than just the core job duties, and will not run with the next job offer.

As an employee, you should make an effort to be an engaged employee. Employers prefer engaged employees because they are more reliable and beneficial to the company. Engaged employees increase a company’s profits through increased productivity, higher quality work, and more satisfied customers. Furthermore, engaged employees are more likely to stay with the company because they have an attachment with the organization that goes beyond job satisfaction and pay. For these reasons, employers are more likely to hire and retain such workers. This is because employers don’t want to lose quality employees to competitors and engaged employees are more likely to stay with the company long-term.

By being an engaged employee, you increase your value and thereby get job security. If you have a history of being an engaged employee or can show to future employers that you are someone they can rely on, you are more likely to get hired. You can do this by showing genuine interest in the company you are applying to. This can be done by researching the company, remaining up-to-date on the company’s news and trends, and reading the company’s publications – usually found on their websites but also in business news section of newspapers and business news magazines. If you can show your interest in an organization in your job application and interview, you are more likely to get the job. Of course, this has to be genuine interest because such things can’t be faked and a recruiter will be able to tell the real from the fake.

Genuine interest in a company means you are deeply attached to the company and or job position and not trying to get the job for the pay alone. This means that if you want to get a long-term job, you have to apply to companies that you truly care for. If you don’t care for the company and are only taking the job until your next jig comes up, then you won’t be able to show genuine attachment to the company.

Of course you may love a company and want to work there long-term, but still fail to get a job because you haven’t researched the company well enough. So if you want to get a job that you truly love and enjoy, apply only to companies you are truly interested in and feel you can work there long-term. And be sure to do your homework. Study the company well. Read up on company culture and management style. Stay up to date on company news and trends. Read the company newsletter and other publications on a regular basis. And when information about an organization has become second nature to you and you feel it is a company you can’t live without, you will be able to show your engagement in every interaction. And then it is more likely you will get your dream job!

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Planning Your Finances in Order To Start Your Own Business

Many expats complain of the quality of life in the Arab Gulf countries.

It is a sad reality that life in Middle Eastern countries for expats is difficult, with salaries and work conditions not always very impressive, due to the high number of South Asian expats going there for jobs and no minimum wage laws. Since there are many expats from the less developed countries trying to find jobs and they often don’t have leverage power, salaries and work conditions being offered to such workers tend to be poor. Unfortunately, salaries are often based on the nationality of the worker instead of the cost of living in the place where they work.

The best thing for an expat thing to do if he finds himself in a situation where he has to take a job with a poor compensation package is to plan his finances and save money and start a small business in his own country. It may take years to save money to start your own business, so don’t be hasty. Don’t try to come up with the funds quickly.   It is especially important not to take loans for this purpose and to beware of those who offer loans with “low interest” which in fact is a very high interest rate (because the stated rate is a monthly interest rate and not a yearly rate) -read our article “Beware of Loan Sharks”. Then, when you have the right amount of funds saved up, take a holiday leave from your job, go back to your own country and open your business. Have someone trustworthy run the business on your behalf while you continue to work in the Gulf country and use your monthly savings to finance your business back home while waiting for it to become profitable. Once your business is making enough money, you can resign from your Gulf job and go back to your country to run your own business and live the good life. Going at this in a slow steady manner and not taking loans but using your income and revenue to finance your business will keep your from going into any risky circumstances.

One thing to remember is that it takes time for a business to become profitable. You may have to wait 1-2 years before your business becomes self-sustaining. In addition, you should have funds that can cover at least 6 months’ expenses at any time. This is so that, if you run into difficult circumstances where your business isn’t making enough revenue to sustain itself, you will have the funds to finance it.

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Do You Dream of Going to Dubai to Get a Job?

Many people go to Dubai on visit visa so they can look for work.​

If you’re going to Dubai on visit visa with the hope that you will find a job,  know that the competition in the United Arab Emirates is intense and it is very hard to find a job in a short period of time, especially a well-paying one. UAE is also more expensive than other Gulf  countries  (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, for example), though job availability is higher in UAE.

If you do go, here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • don’t expect to find a job right away
  • don’t overstay on your visa no matter what
  • don’t trust any employer who promises that your work visa will be ready in a few days and keeps delaying delivery of visa
  • don’t work without a work permit / work visa – it is illegal to do so
  • don’t buy a visa from one sponsor and then work elsewhere – you are only allowed to work with the company that sponsored you (unless you get a work permit from the department of labor to work elsewhere, which you may be able to after two years only)

Get up to date information on everything. You may do so at the department of labor, immigration,  or any immigration typing centers.

Stay safe and don’t take any risks. If in doubt, ask from reliable sources. UAE laws are strict and noncompliance can get you temporary or lifetime ban (blacklist).

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Beware of CV Dumping Services

Beware of CV dumping services, businesses that send your CV to all contacts in their database regardless of whether the contact has an open vacancy, whether they have any positions that match the job seekers’ qualifications, or even whether the recipient is a business or not!

Oftentimes, CV dumping services send hundreds of CVs to the same set of recipients, overwhelming the recipient and further ruining any chance of the job applicant getting a job!

There are plenty of newspaper articles on this topic, so make sure you read up on it. It pays to be informed, to safeguard your time and money.

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Don’t Fall Prey to Loan Sharks

Warning: Don’t fall prey to loan sharks!

Loan sharks are entities that charge very high interest rates but often tell you a small percentage rate, hiding the fact that the stated rate is a monthly interest rate and not the yearly rate. The annual interest rate is obtained by multiplying the stated rate by 12 months. The stated rate may be 1% but is often 3%, which seems like a low interest rate. However, this is charged monthly, making the annual rate 12% or 36% (3% × 12=36%) or even more depending on how much the monthly rate is. That is a high interest rate compared to banks which charge 4% to 10% interest per year. 

It’s important to keep this difference in mind and verify whether the given rate is the monthly interest rate or yearly interest rate. Banks usually state the interest rate on a yearly basis. Loan sharks, on the other hand, give the monthly interest rate and hide the yearly rate. They even don’t openly say that the rate they are giving you is the monthly rate but just give the percentage rate, although in contracts it is written that the rate is a monthly rate. And since most people aren’t financially educated, they easily miss this important point when signing the contract!

Thus, with a 3% per month interest rate, a loan of 10,000 will cost you 3,600 annual interest. (Calculated  10,000 × 3% ×12 months.)  A loan of 50,000 will cost you 18000 annual interest. On loan of 100,000, you will have to pay 36,000 interest per year!

If your annual savings are close to the interest amount, you will be paying interest for the rest of your life and never pay off the principal loan amount! And that is the aim of loan sharks, which is why they hide the actual interest rate. They try to trap you. So beware of people who promise to lend you money with “low interest rates!”

Interest is forbidden by God (in Islam as well as other religions) so you should avoid it altogether. It is better to get a small amount of interest-free loan from friends or delay your plans and use only your savings than to destroy your life through loan sharks who only want to take your hard-earned money.

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What is the difference between a staffing agency and a recruitment company

A staffing company is one that provides staff to other companies, usually on temporary basis. A recruitment company only refers the employee to another company. A recruitment company may provide services like screening and interviewing job applicants, but its work is limited to that of a broker. It earns money by charging a fixed rate or an amount equal to a percentage of the first salary. However, the recruitment company does not act like the employee’s main employer. On the other hand, the staffing company usually does, even if the staffing company does not actually employ the staff! That is, even when the staff doesn’t get paid unless the staff gets employed by another company!

The main difference between a recruiting company and a staffing agency, and the reason why I don’t like staffing agencies, is that staffing agencies continuously take a bite out of the employee’s wages! And it is usually a big bite, usually being a major portion of the employee wages. That is right! The staffing company may sometimes take two-thirds of the wages and the employee only gets 1/3 of the wages paid by the employing company although the employee is doing all the work. But that is not the worst thing about staffing companies. What’s even more unjust is when the staffing company is only doing the work of a recruiting company (it hasn’t formally hired the employee but only finds jobs for the employee) yet it takes a portion of the employee’s every wage!

An example can make this matter clearer: Supposing you need a cleaner for a few weeks. You approach a staffing company that has several cleaners and ask them to provide an employee to do the job. This staffing company has several employees for this purpose. These employees have been hired by the staffing company and get a paycheck whether anyone hires them or not. This type of staffing company earns money by regularly providing employees on short or long term basis and charging a higher rate to the employing company than what it pays the employees. This sort of staffing company pays a fixed monthly salary to workers while charging clients on an hourly, daily, or per project basis. The amount the company charges to clients is far more than the amount it pays workers, often employees working for minimum wage.

Another type of staffing company also does the same work, providing workers to other companies. But it doesn’t hire the workers. Workers only approach them, are interviewed, tested, etc. and then are placed on a waiting list. During this time, the worker is not an employee of the staffing agency and doesn’t get any wages. When another company approaches the staffing agency for a certain type of employee, the staffing agency contacts the employees on waiting list and one of them is sent to the company to work. This sort of staffing company is actually doing the work of a recruiting agency, because it doesn’t hire or pay workers regularly. Workers only get paid when they are hired by another company. But, even though the staffing agency is only acting as a broker/middle person, it still takes a large portion of the employee’s wages, not one-time but out of every single paycheck!

This type of company is in essence a recruiting company but like a staffing company, it takes a portion of workers’ earnings.

The third type of company is an actual recruitment agency. Job seekers approach recruitment agencies, submit their CVs, may be screened and interviewed, and just like the above, the job seeker is referred to companies who have a suitable vacancy. But unlike the staffing agency, the recruitment company doesn’t take a portion of every wage that the employee earns. It only charges a fixed rate and usually the hiring company is the one to pay this one-time amount. Recruitment companies don’t reduce workers’ earnings. Workers’ get their full monthly wages while recruitment companies get a one-time fixed amount.

Of these three types of companies, the second type of staffing company is not a very fair type and companies should insist on dealing with only the first and third types of companies, requiring that those companies doing only the work of recruiting companies get a one-time fixed fee for referring employees and not take a portion of the employee’s every salary.

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