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Excited About the Possibilities the New Year Can Bring?

New Year’s resolutions have become the norm. The excitement of the New Year gets us into the spirit of change and improvement.​ A New Year brings so many possibilities, doesn’t it? ​You have the whole year to work on your resolution​.

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How to Answer the Question “What is Your Expected Salary?”

How to answer the question “what is your expected salary” This question needs to be answered tactfully for the following reasons: You don’t want to lose a good job offer by stating a figure that is above what the employer

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Struggling to change jobs? Have you thought of this?

Has being stuck at the same job for too long made you lose motivation? Is your job unchallenging, has no space for personal progress, and become a boring routine?  Are you struggling to find a new job but have been

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Don’t Overlook the Importance of Your Resume

Your resume and your cover letter are your most important documents that you send to employers. Along with your cover letter, your resume is important for the success of your job search efforts. Results of your job search efforts depend

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