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Planning Your Finances in Order To Start Your Own Business

Many expats complain of the quality of life in the Arab Gulf countries. It is a sad reality that life in Middle Eastern countries for expats is difficult, with salaries and work conditions not always very impressive, due to the

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Do You Dream of Going to Dubai to Get a Job?

Many people go to Dubai on visit visa so they can look for work.​ If you’re going to Dubai on visit visa with the hope that you will find a job,  know that the competition in the United Arab Emirates

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Beware of CV Dumping Services

Beware of CV dumping services, businesses that send your CV to all contacts in their database regardless of whether the contact has an open vacancy, whether they have any positions that match the job seekers’ qualifications, or even whether the

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Don’t Fall Prey to Loan Sharks

Warning: Don’t fall prey to loan sharks! Loan sharks are entities that charge very high interest rates but often tell you a small percentage rate, hiding the fact that the stated rate is a monthly interest rate and not the yearly

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What is the difference between a staffing agency and a recruitment company

A staffing company is one that provides staff to other companies, usually on temporary basis. A recruitment company only refers the employee to another company. A recruitment company may provide services like screening and interviewing job applicants, but its work

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