New Entrepreneurship Visa Category a Great Idea

According to the National UAE (newspaper), entrepreneurs can now get UAE business license and visa more easily than before, without having to spend a lot of money. This is because with the new entrepreuership visa category, they don’t need to rent an actual office, something that requires a bigger investment than most entrepreneurs can afford.  “The introduction of an entrepreneurship visa will allow entrepreneurs to set up a presence out of twofour54 without the need for a physical office,” Noura Al Kaabi, the chief executive of twofour54,has said.


Hopefully, with this new system, entrepreneurship and small businesses can be encouraged. It is well known that small businesses are the major source of new jobs in any economy. Therefore, this move will definately positively affect the UAE economy and reduce unemployment.


To know more about this new visa category go to  or visit twofour54 website,


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